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We created this website to serve the diverse, evolving field of American Jewish Studies. Here you’ll find information about fellowships, new research, upcoming conferences, and much more. We aim to be a locus of information, fostering dialogue, connecting scholars across disciples (and time zones). 

AmericanJewishStudies.org was conceived by Josh Lambert (Wellesley) and developed in partnership with the Grant Center for the American Jewish Experience at Tulane University.

If you find the website useful, let us know, and don’t hesitate to suggest improvements for the site—we value all the feedback we receive.


Editorial Board

Ayala Fader, Fordham University
Sarah Phillips Casteel, Carleton University
Heather Nathans, Tufts University
Michael R. Cohen, Tulane University
Samantha Baskind, Cleveland State University
Josh Lambert, Wellesley College
Sarah Benor, Hebrew Union College

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